1 statement that instantly brings me back to earth every time I take something too seriously.
I used to get caught up in my own worries. Here is one statement that helps me not to take everything so seriously.

Do you feel the need to think everything through?

When I feel uncomfortable, I can’t not think about it.

I feel the need to think everything through to the smallest detail – in the hope that this will help me find answers. But this rarely helps me.

Here is one statement that actually helps me find peace of mind. Always.

Before we dive in:

Everyone has a different perception of our world and our existence. And that is perfectly fine. What I write here has no claim to correctness. They are merely thoughts, which you may just as well ignore.

1 statement I use to regain control of my thoughts:

You’re on a rock floating through space!

If I refer to the state of knowledge of science, we assume that there are 200 billion stars in our galaxy.

I know that sometimes I get a little out of hand when it comes to these kinds of mind games. But hang with me for a moment.

If we could travel to a new star every second, we would be traveling for 6,000 years in our Milky Way alone.

Six thousand years ago, the wheel hadn’t even been invented yet.

Well, currently we assume that there are about 1 trillion of such galaxies. (Some of them have up to 1 trillion stars themselves. We would be traveling there for 30,000 years. I don’t want to do any nitpicking here.)

6,000 years times 1,000,000,000 in order to visit all stars for 1 second. And we are not even talking about planets and moons orbiting around these stars.

Who am I in these gigantic vastnesses that I take myself and my “problems” so seriously?

We humans know so little. But everything we know seems like “a lot” of knowledge. Because at no time have we known less.

The same is true of our “problems.”

Every time I contrast them – with what I don’t know – I can’t help but wonder about myself.

Why I keep falling back into worries about … let’s say, my tax declaration deadline?!