7 thoughts about building an audience with multiple topics
Ever worried you’ll irritate your audience if you write about too many different topics? Here are 7 thoughts for allrounder content creators.

Do you ever worry that you’ll irritate your audience if you write about too many different topics?

Here are 7 thoughts from others that helped my find some peace of mind.


Thought 1: Your smallest niche consists of people that are interested in all of your topics!

If you are interested in topic 1, 2 and 3 chances are high there are more people who are just like you.

Thought 2: Find the overlaps

Your topics might have more in common than you think. In my case Product Managers often are entrepreneurs in their company. And both #intrapreneurs and #founders tend to be interested in #productivity too.

Thought 3: Merge topics

Sometimes intersections of topics aren’t quite obvious. Then you can shine as a thought leader by applying the benefits of one field to another. This creates new concepts that can generate new added #value.

Thought 4: Let the fun guide you

By creating content in different areas, you will find out what you like to write about the most. #Enthusiasm will always be a natural and strong drive to keep going.

Thought 5: Let the data guide you

At the beginning, when you’re still looking for a focus topic, you should ensure #consistency. You’ll gather engagement data to determine which content is drawing enough interest to narrow the focus.

Thought 6: Embrace adaptability

Whether you call it “Scanner Personality”, “T-Shaped Personality”, “Allrounder”, “Full-stack whatever” or “Generalist”: Always remember the benefits of adaptability in an ever-changing environment like ours.

Thought 7: People follow you

We all know that we like authentic people. Would your content be just as successful if someone completely different posted it? People follow people not only because of the content. So remember that your personality has a strong influence in building an audience.


7 thoughts for content creators with varying topics:

  1. Build a small audience who likes all your topics
  2. Find overlaps in your topics
  3. Merge your topics to create new ideas
  4. Let the fun guide you
  5. Let the data guide you
  6. Embrace adaptability
  7. Show some personality