How keeping a journal changed my life (+ Template)
Here are my top 5 benefits on writing a daily journal. Grab my free template, start filling it daily and see your live change!

On August 8th, 2021, 365 days ago, my daily journal writing journey began, and I’ve never skipped a day.

How it began

In 2014, I collected my thoughts in a hardcover notebook … for 2 weeks. Why only for 2 weeks? … Because something intervened. As so often in life.

However, when I discovered this old book a year ago, I was amazed at how vividly I could still remember all the events that would otherwise have completely slipped my mind.

So I wanted to start again and do everything differently this time. I discovered Notion at that time – an app that made it really easy for me to take quick notes on my phone. If there’s one tool I always have with me, it’s my phone.

I created a simple template for myself with the most important questions that would do 3 things for me:

• Provide me with a designated time to reflect back on the day.
• Allow me to identify changes so I can optimize my life.
• Remind me of details that I would have otherwise forgotten.

Based on that, I created my prompts, which I answered every night before bed from then on. And what can I say. They provide me with so much value that I never missed a day – including the occasional 4 a.m. party.

Add-on: Habit Tracker

Then, six months ago, I added a Habit Tracker, which gives me a quick and easy overview of tasks I want to include on a day-to-day basis.

Add-on: Most Important Daily Goal

Two months ago, I added a very important question, “What do I want to achieve today and defend against everything?”

I answer this question already in the morning. It helps me maintain focus in the chaotic daily routine. It is unbelievable how accomplished I feel by noon, when I have already completed the most important task. Everything after that is icing on the cake.

I live more consciously, more focused and more grateful! I would like to share this feeling with you.

5 Benefits of writing a Daily Journal

  1. Focus: You create a place to find your No. 1 task of the day!
  2. Reflection: You allow the day to replay itself so you can process it.
  3. Optimization: By analyzing successes and failures, you gradually steer your life in desired directions.

  4. Memories: It is incredibly awesome to revisit moments that would otherwise be lost.
  5. Writing Habit: You’ll become one of those rare people who actually create words every single day!

Grab the Notion template

Every day counts! I’ve created a template that you can get started with right away. Get it here: Josua’s Daily Journal Template