What’s your elevator pitch? Master your personal intro without ever struggling for words again.
Struggling to introduce yourself with precision? Here’s a simple framework to help you master your personal elevator pitch.

Do you remember the last time someone asked you what you do for a living? If you’re like most people, your personal introduction wasn’t as accurate as you wanted it to be.

Imagine being one of those people who is able to craft their intro with just the right amount of words to make it short AND interesting.

An elevator pitch is just that for your company or startup. So why wouldn’t you use it for your own profession?

Here’s a simple framework you can use to set up your personal elevator pitch:

  • Name
  • Excitement
  • Background that gives relevance
  • What you do (topics)
  • How you do it (specifics)
  • Why you do it (refers back to background)
  • Success (only if you feel comfy to brag a little)
  • Unique differentiator (What makes you memorable)

Here’s my example:

Hey, I’m Josua (Name) and I love developing digital products that people love (Excitement). More and more companies want to leverage digitalization by developing or improving their own digital products (Background). As a Product Coach, I help these companies find the right product to achieve their goals (What). Conducting experiments and prototypes with the target market (How), I collect data that significantly increases the confidence to develop the right product (Why). I apply what I preach in my own startup where we released a game app that became a Google Play highlight with over 300k users. (Success)

It is far from perfect. But much better than anything I would mumble without a clear structure.

Make sure you stay within the 30 seconds without talking too fast. Have fun practicing your pitch! Why not share your first version!?