Incogny – Mobile Party Game

Incogny – Mobile Party Game

Incogny – Mobile Party Game

What is this … ?

Incogny is a mobile game that lets you share secrets while staying “undercover“. Gather with friends and start playing. The app offers you exciting questions about personal opinions and experiences. Each player answers secretly with YES or NO within their own smartphone. Next everyone estimates how many players have answered with YES. Are you ready for the result? Beware – the outcome may scare you! If your estimation was correct you gather points to win the game. The more people you play with the funnier it gets.

Why did I do this?

End of 2017 we were planning to pitch to investors for our role-playing game project. So we wanted to get a quick product up and running in order to convince investors of our team’s competence. We chose this game concept because it fits our vision: A world in which digitization brings us all closer together.

Incogny is a product of the triclap team. My tasks were mainly concept, game design, marketing, creation of the questions and writing of the UI texts.

What did I learn?

– If a product doesn’t get any technical updates for a few years, the rating plummets.
– Using social share as a currency for content has helped grow the product organically.

– Over 200.000 downloads
– Over 85.000 games played
– Google Play Store Highlight in 2019
– Apple Top 1 Trivia App 2020