Tabletop Role-Playing Mobile Game

Yora Adventures – Mobile Role-Playing Game

Tabletop Role-Playing Mobile Game

What is this … ?

Yora is a tool that makes tabletop role-playing with friends easier than ever before. Our platform helps creators make their brands easily enjoyable for modern gamers. The Yora Editor allows the simple creation of stories in the browser. Friends play these stories within the Yora App, while the technology takes over the tedious work.

Why did I do this?

The role-playing games market is growing by 25% annually but has not yet been meaningfully brought into the digital world. By adding proven gaming techniques Yora we wanted to bring role-playing into the mainstream so that we compete in the $ 77B mobile games market.

Together with the Triclap team we implemented everything from the idea to the release. In the beginning there was an idea on a piece of paper. From there it went on to first paper prototypes, over clickdummies to a first webapp. Later, when we switched to Scrum, my main job was product owning the thing.

What did I learn?

While many users gave us their approval during the beta tests, the big rush for the product did not happen. I overestimated the market. And the situations where new roleplaying groups meet and are willing to test an unfamiliar concept. Not enough friction in the market. We don’t rule out releasing another product in this niche. But next time with the focus on a problem that really needs to be solved and often.

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